Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Caleb's Birthday Part 1

Caleb is 10 today! Happy Birthday Caleb! Caleb is a smart, kind, sweet, loving, and adventurous boy. I'm so blessed to be his Mom.

His birthday breakfast consisted of cinnamon rolls with a candle, and Luke and I singing to him. A few birthday surprises are in store for Caleb today. When Aaron gets home from work we will have pizza (Caleb's choice) and presents!
Part of Caleb's birthday is getting his own room. The boys have always shared a room, but now that Aaron is not working from home we have an empty office begging for use. Both boys are excited to have their own room. Caleb will be moving into the office. But first we have been emptying the room as this room also became our catch all room.
Just a few more things to be moved out.

Our next decision is paint color. I had Caleb pick all the colors he was interested in.
Here are his selections:

I am thinking of doing one wall with a dark color and the other walls with a neutral.
Like this:

Or this:

I'm hoping to have Caleb's room done by next Friday. I'll keep you posted.


Holly Young said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

Grannie said...

Happy Birthday Caleb XXOO Grannie & Papa