Sunday, January 3, 2010

He's Ready

Friday, New Year's Day, we spent the day painting. Um, yes we are painting the outside of our house. We started on Monday and we almost have it done. Anyways, husband needed something to wear to an upcoming job interview. We ate dinner, cleaned up and headed to the mall at 7:00p.m. Our city looked like a ghost town. Stores had shut down early for New Year's Day. We went to the mall hoping to go to Dillards but it had closed early. The only store open at the mall was Macy's. Do I ever shop at Macy's? No. But we had gotten dressed after a day of painting and thought we might as well look. Surprise, Macy's was having a sale on dress shirts and ties. Buy 1 get 1 free. Husband picked out a white shirt with a conservative tie for the interview then picked out the second shirt and tie. At the register the tie on the right rang up for $3. So another tie was chosen for free. Score!! Two shirts and three ties for around $60. Husband is now ready for his interview!! He just needs to get all the paint off of him.

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Grannie said...

Super shoppers as usual and another blessing from the Lord!

Lukey is "Cool Hand Luke' I think Paul Newman played the character..he is too cool...ah both sweet cool and looks even cold there. Suppose to get down to 13 here on Friday night...brrrrr KC out Joe's way was a -5.....where is Al Gore and his 'global warming:??!