Monday, December 14, 2009


Aaron has been full of surprises lately. First, Caleb's drama class was having auditions for a play they are going to put on- Chronicles of Narnia. For auditions they were asked to please speak in a British accent. I tried to help Caleb, but I struggled to shed my Texas twang. Enter Aaron to save the day. He starts reading the script with a perfect British accent. My mouth hung open. I had never heard Aaron do that before. Now we all ask Aaron to please speak with an accent.

The second surprise from Aaron occurred yesterday. I read that we could get Nutcracker tickets for $5, so Sunday morning I mentioned to Aaron that I would like to take the boys to see it. He said, "I think I will go too." So after church we go to get tickets and I tell him you don't have to go, but he replies he has never seen the Nutcracker and would like to go with us.

Now in my family it is a Christmas tradition to see the Nutcracker. I absolutely love it! Yesterday I so enjoyed the music, the story, the dancing, and most especially the company I had with me!

Of course as soon as we returned home Aaron turned on the Cowboys game.

What will the next surprise be from Aaron?

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Holly Young said...

Aaron is so sweet! I love the last pic! And I love your hat!!