Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catching Up

I am majorly behind in blogging. First up, Thanksgiving. We spent a delightful Thanksgiving with my parents and my siblings and their families. It was a big crowd with some tense moments at times, but hey we're family. I am so thankful for each one of them.

I wish I had taken a picture of our scrumptious Thanksgiving feast. The pumpkin pie was the best I've ever had!

The cousins always enjoy being with each other.
I love these guys!
Julie, next time I am in town we have to check out this store.
Kids vs. Dinos

And a memorable dinner at Babe's. We ate in a round barn silo, sat at a round table, our waitress provided entertainment to the restaurant in between serving us, and we ate way too much. It was so delicious and fun! Raise the roof, Grannie, Caleb and Camryn!
I am going to post every day until the end of the year to catch up and share with you! See you tomorrow!


Shannon said...

Where are these dinosaurs? I noticed your comment on my blog and I was wondering if you realize I am almost your neighbor (Silsbee) and you probably know some people I know through Co-op. Anyway, I found your blog about a year ago when I first started homeschooling and was looking for blogging homeschoolers in the Beaumont area. Small world, huh? Thanks for dropping by my crazy blog!!

Lori said...

The dinosaurs are at the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary in McKinney, TX.

Small world, I wondered where in Texas you were. :)

Grannie said...

WOW AS USUAL Lori your blog was awesome.....we did have a good holiday and the silo was the cream on top of a great gathering.....thanks for taking all those pictures and keeping us posting. The 18 and 19th the Heard is doing a festive light trail with entertainment in the ampitheater, etc. LOVED the boys pictures from the program and SNOW in Beaumont! Isn't the Lord amazing by doing amazing things to surprise and give joy to His people!