Sunday, November 1, 2009

Too Much Information

The boys and I went to the Houston Zoo for a field trip with our homeschool group.

Lukey's favorite animal at the zoo was the meerkats. He absolutely loved them. He asked me to please take a lot of pictures.

He brought home a stuffed animal meerkat from the zoo. (Luke was doctoring him up here.)

The next day we made a quick trip to the library for some books about meerkats. That night at bedtime Luke asked for me to please read him these books. The first book we went right through, then the second book I ran into trouble. On one page it went into great detail about meerkat mating and had a picture! I am not ready to go there with my 5 year old. I tried to quietly skip that page, but Luke noticed and got upset that I tried to skip the page. Caleb was on the bed with us and heard the commotion. I finished the book and both boys wanted to know why I had skipped the page. Grrrrr! So I explained the page was about mating and how God created both people and animals to mate and that it takes a boy meerkat and a girl meerkat to make a baby meerkat and then we read the page and looked at the picture. Caleb said, "We know all about that from love bugs." Okay then.

Aaron said I should have just read the page at first and not made a big deal about it. Easy for him to say, he was on the couch.

Lesson learned here: some children's books have TMI!


Grannie said...

Great pictures and I have my usual summary of the Garza household....NEVER A DULL MOMENT..LOVE IT LOVE IT

Shannon said...

We had that same problem this week with a book called "Egg To Chick" (An I Can Read Book) that went intoo detail about the egg and sperm... and humans, too!! Eeeeekkkk!!!