Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun is Found ....

1. At Yard Sales
After my birthday breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we happened upon a garage sale and had to stop. They were selling games and puzzles for 50 cents each. We brought this one home, not knowing if all the pieces were there or not. Lukey wanted to get started on it right away. It took a few days but eventually it was completed with no missing pieces.

The castle is still being played with. Lego people keep appearing on the spindles.

2. At The Library
The library is one of my favorite places to go to. Last week we found this treasure: Toys Go Out Being the Adventures of a Knowledgeable Stingray, a Toughy Little Buffalo, and Someone Called Plastic. I thought Luke would enjoy this book because of his new love for Stingrays. I read this aloud to the boys. They both thoroughly enjoyed the story about a girl's toys and stuffed animals and the adventures they have. Lukey asked me to re-read one chapter because he found it so entertaining. The chapter we re-read was titled: The Terrifying Bigness of the Washing Machine.

After we had finished the book the boys and I wrote a letter to the author telling how much we liked the book and the boys listed their favorite parts of the story. I hope the boys get a reply!

3. At Home
We were so excited to finally have a cool night here in Southeast Texas that they boys and I made plans at dinner to enjoy the evening. We decided to go out and make a fire. Luke was worried it would be too dark, so we decided to hang some Christmas lights for extra lights. I don't know what the boys enjoyed more, the fire or the lights.

After all of the running around, we laid down and looked at the stars! It was a magical night.

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Grannie said...

WOW More wonderful stuff and I love the pictures. I read that book last year it was one of the Bluebonnet nominated books. I thought it was somewhat like Toy Story...it is a cute little book! You manage to find the most interesting books and of course the castle puzzle is fabulous!

IT IS RAINING HERE AGAIN AND SOME FLOODING IS EXPECTED! But the weekend is promised to be nice.

Love ya and thinking of you guys