Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why I haven't been blogging.

I have many blog posts floating around my head. In the past two weeks we have been places and had funny things happen that I would like to share. These blog posts may or may not be coming soon.
My free time lately has been spent doing one thing: sleeping.
ON this:

Aaron's Dad, who works at a furniture store, won a King Size ComforPedic mattress set . He already had a new bed so he gave this one to us! Our former queen size bed was over 20 years old and overly firm. We are now sleeping in complete comfort and I find myself going to sleep earlier and waking up later.

For my birthday Aaron's Mom took me shopping for a comforter set for our new bed.

Thanks Ann and Hector! I love our new bed!

I will try to return to my blog soon, if I can get out of bed!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun is Found ....

1. At Yard Sales
After my birthday breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we happened upon a garage sale and had to stop. They were selling games and puzzles for 50 cents each. We brought this one home, not knowing if all the pieces were there or not. Lukey wanted to get started on it right away. It took a few days but eventually it was completed with no missing pieces.

The castle is still being played with. Lego people keep appearing on the spindles.

2. At The Library
The library is one of my favorite places to go to. Last week we found this treasure: Toys Go Out Being the Adventures of a Knowledgeable Stingray, a Toughy Little Buffalo, and Someone Called Plastic. I thought Luke would enjoy this book because of his new love for Stingrays. I read this aloud to the boys. They both thoroughly enjoyed the story about a girl's toys and stuffed animals and the adventures they have. Lukey asked me to re-read one chapter because he found it so entertaining. The chapter we re-read was titled: The Terrifying Bigness of the Washing Machine.

After we had finished the book the boys and I wrote a letter to the author telling how much we liked the book and the boys listed their favorite parts of the story. I hope the boys get a reply!

3. At Home
We were so excited to finally have a cool night here in Southeast Texas that they boys and I made plans at dinner to enjoy the evening. We decided to go out and make a fire. Luke was worried it would be too dark, so we decided to hang some Christmas lights for extra lights. I don't know what the boys enjoyed more, the fire or the lights.

After all of the running around, we laid down and looked at the stars! It was a magical night.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The post you've been waiting for!

I bring to you a recap of my birthday. In the morning the boys brought me my presents and sang Happy Birthday to me.

The small box contained this Fossil watch that I love!

The content of the bigger box I will reveal to you at the bottom of this post. After presents the boys and Aaron took me to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I tried Apple Struesel French Toast- it was delicious!
After breakfast Aaron took the boys to pick up my cake he had ordered and to take Caleb to TaeKwonDo. I had a couple of hours to go shopping with the money my parents had given to me for my birthday. This was a big deal, it's like the planets aligning or a lunar eclipse occurring. Three things that normally don't happen at the same time: 1. I have money to go shopping. 2. I have time to go shopping. 3. I get to go shopping without kids. On this rare shopping trip I purchased a pair of jeans, a skirt, a shirt, a sweater, a necklace, earrings, sunglasses, tights, and 3 pairs of socks. Thanks Mom and Dad!
For dinner Aaron's Mom invited us over to dinner. Her table looked beautiful!

She would not let me help in the kitchen, so we took pictures while she finished up dinner.

We had a scrumptious dinner (Ann is one of the best cooks I know!) Aaron provided dessert, Caribbean Coconut Cake from Rao's Bakery. White cake with pineapple filling with cream cheese icing mixed with coconut and pineapples. It was so yummy!

I did make a wish, but I'm not telling!

I did receive the most wonderful, spectacular, warm gift! Yes, a Snuggie. My mom kindly gave me a blue Snuggie. But my Snuggie kept getting used by Caleb.

So, the big mysterious box from Aaron and the boys contained a Leopard Print Snuggie. The boys thought I needed another Snuggie. But now Luke is always using this Snuggie.

So when the Snuggies are available and I am wanting to watch T.V. I might use the Leopard Print Snuggie.

If I am wanting to spend a more serene night with a book I might use the blue Snuggie. To my brother Tim, you know you want one! It will help you get better! Just give in to the soft, luxuriant blanket with sleeves.

I had a spectacular birthday, thanks to my thoughtful and charming family! They are a treasure to me!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Tent, Cousins, and Breakfast

No, we did not go to the circus. We went to an Old Fashioned Tent Revival at my Dad's church. Something about a big tent excites both young and old (at least in our family).

My grandmother, several aunts and uncles (Dad is from a big family), and cousins traveled from Kentucky to put on a revival at my Dad's church here in Texas.

Dad was a great host to all the family!

The boys loved playing with their Dallas cousins and Kentucky cousins.

One morning my Dad cooked a breakfast feast for the family consisting of bacon, sausage, two kinds of eggs, hashbrowns, grits, biscuits, and gravy. It was delicious!

We had a superb time visiting with the extended Gabbard family, and we enjoyed the special services in the tent!