Friday, September 4, 2009

His Life Flashed Before My Eyes

Thursday night we had a terrible scare with Caleb. I have to say that we are so thankful to God that Caleb is fine.

I was standing at the sink finishing up the dishes. Aaron was outside watering the grass. Caleb and Luke were running around the house playing with each other. All of a sudden I hear Caleb screaming. I turn and look at him and he is holding his ear. Luke had picked up a large bouncy ball and threw it at Caleb and hit him right on his ear. I start to comfort Caleb and he keeps screaming and saying that his ear is hurting. The next second Caleb is on the ground, not moving, not making a sound, with his eyes closed. It was the scariest moment of my life. For Caleb to be standing right next to me one second and the next second he is on the ground was terrifying. I thought the worst. I remember thinking do I call 911 first or get Aaron first. I ran and flung open the front door and called for Aaron. Except no sound would come out of my mouth. I finally can call for Aaron and he runs in. We hurry over to Caleb and he is starting to wake up. I could not hardly talk I just grabbed Caleb and held him while tears are running down my face. Caleb had fallen on the hard floor in the playroom and hit his chin. He kept telling us that his chin was hurting so bad. I knew we needed to Caleb checked out, so we climb in the van and head to the urgent care center. The whole time there Caleb is still crying and saying how much he is hurting. I remember being so scared thinking he had a serious head injury, I mean why would he just collapse and pass out like that? We arrive at the urgent care center and when I tried to sign in, they looked at me like I was crazy and exclaimed, "Oh no, you need to take him to the emergency room for a CAT Scan, because he passed out." We get in the van and head to the emergency room. (Can I just say I have been to that emergency room too many times over the past five years.) Knowing that we have to go to the emergency room gets me really scared. Caleb is still crying saying that he is hurting. At the ER, they take Caleb back for a CAT scan within thirty minutes of our arrival. That is super fast for an emergency room. They also do an x-ray on his jaw. Caleb's ear has stopped hurting, but he keeps saying his jaw hurts so bad. We are at the ER for less than two hours when they tell us that his CAT Scan and the X-ray both look normal and that his ear looks fine. Caleb just has a bad bruise on his chin, hip, and shoulder from when he hit the floor.

I will never forget the feeling I had when Caleb was on the floor unmoving. It is just too unbearable to think of anything happening to either of my boys. Thankfully Caleb is fine and it was just a freak accident. Heading out of the ER, Caleb remarked, "I think Luke would make a good army guy." Um yeah, maybe so.

Just this past week the boys and I read the story of when God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. That story still blows me away. How was Abraham able to do what God asked? His son that he had been promised and whom he had waited so long for. Thursday, I was so worried about Caleb and I remember thinking, God he is yours and I trust you. Abraham's faith and obedience is amazing.

Thursday's incident was a wake up call to me. First, I recognize even more how fragile life is and how each day is a gift. Second, that I have to give my family to God and trust him for their safety and future. Third, to truly appreciate my family and friends, because all of our days are numbered. And finally, to remove all bouncy balls from the playroom.

Pictures taken a few hours before the incident.

The LORD has done great things for us,
and we are filled with joy.
Psalm 126:3


Grannie said...

We are rejoicing with you! Love the wonderful Garza pictures..
XXXOOO tell everyone hello!

Holly Young said...

Wow! So glad that Caleb is alright!! That had to be so scary. God takes care of us, I am so thankful to him, because we never know when something like this will happen and we will need him. Great blog!