Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Future Marine Biologists?

We have been busy with school and life. Last Friday, we had a Co-op field trip to Moody Gardens in Galveston. The boys were so excited to ride the ferry with their friends. We spotted countless dolphins in the water. What is it about dolphins that are so awe-inspiring?

At Moody Gardens, first we visited the Aquarium. A few days before our field trip Lukey had become fascinated with rays. He was so excited to spot them at the aquarium. They truly are a marvel of God's creation.

Look closely, there is a ray to the right of Lukey.

Caleb was busy with his friends, I never snapped a picture of him at the Aquarium. Next we went to the Rainforest Pyramid. I stopped Caleb and Luke at the entrance to get their picture. This is the smile I received from Caleb.

I pleaded with him to please smile for me. Second shot:

The Aquarium had an abundance of sharks. One that Lukey viewed was the Leopard Shark. He brought home his own Leopard Shark from Moody Gardens. At home he pulled out the sea animal stuffed animals we have and he found a ray. We didn't even know we had it. The ray and shark have been Luke's constant companions since. We have also made two trips to the library since Friday. We have checked out countless books on whales, sharks, dolphins, rays, and squids. We are becoming quite the experts.

The three boys in the house have also been busy playing warriors or knights and dragons or war or whatever they decide to call it that day. Lukey kindly requested Aaron to put on some armour, Aaron could not refuse.
Caleb has been busy with mixed numbers, building a terrarium, canopic jars, re-writing Aesop's Fables, Latin words, and of course reading.

For a class at Co-op Caleb had to list five reasons why he loved his Mom.

Here I present to you Caleb's List:

My Mom
1. Nice
2. Great cooking most of the time.
3. Fun
4. Creative
5. Helpful

Lukey has been busy as well. Today, Lukey asked if he could please do his school under the table. He then told me, "I'm going to my office. It is my office, truly."
Then Lukey declared, "After this I would like some refreshment."

I love spending my days with Caleb and Luke! I wouldn't trade it for anything!


Grannie said...

WE FINALY GOT OUR INTERNET UP AND RUNNING!! Love the blog...I did not get to talk to you about your trip to Moody. I LOVE MOODY! Wonderful memories and I am so impressed with the boys schooling. Aaron is just too cute with his armour.....priceless!

Ann Brown said...

Lori are you on facebook like Joe is....What about Tim? would love to connect. Ann Brown Deale Maryland