Sunday, September 20, 2009


We had an eventful past week learning about dinosaurs. We made a stack of all of our dinosaur books and have been reading through them.

Two of our favorites:

At Co-op last Monday, I was sitting in the lobby when Luke's science class was outside excavating for dinosaurs. I got to take a picture of the action.

In Literature class we read a dinosaur story and had dinosaur show and tell. One of Luke's friends brought this for show and tell:

This past week Granna and PawPaw were both off of work and we decided to do something fun together. We ended up visiting the Houston Museum of Natural Science and had a splendid time. We got to see the huge dinosaur skeletons.

I think Luke was a little overwhelmed at first. But he warmed up to them.

We had a lovely time and finished our day with a dinner at Saltgrass. YUM!

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