Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Big Argument

Aaron and I are in the midst of a clash. I am calling it The Brawl of 2009.

Last night we were discussing the bone of contention between us and I got a little heated. I told him it was snobbery causing him to think the way he does.

I just don't understand why he does not see it my way.

I don't see either one of us changing opinions anytime soon.

Is there hope of peace returning to our home?

What do you ask is causing the ruckus in our house?

Here I present to you the source of the controversy:

I mentioned to Aaron that I wanted a Snuggie. I was hoping he would take the hint and I would get one for my upcoming birthday. But no, Aaron had to attack the Snuggie. He said it was dorky. I replied it was better than a blanket as I could read or use the remote or sip hot tea all while being covered by a soft fleece blanket. And the Snuggie comes in blue, hot pink, zebra print, and leopard print. He thinks a blanket with sleeves is crazy and unnecessary.

We finally changed the subject.

I am still hoping to get a Snuggie, but it probably won't come from Aaron.

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Tim Gabbard said...

Umm I'm with Aaron on this one.