Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New kitties and Bionicles

Before our trip to visit my family, the boys and I cleaned out the playroom and their room. We had toys from when Caleb was two. Um, he is now nine. We had a garage sale last Saturday. I spent Thursday and Friday pricing everything. Saturday was the big sale. We made over $200 which is great for toys, clothes, and other stuff that was cluttering the house.

So I let the boys have some of the money from the garage sale. I wanted to use it all on school supplies and books and new school clothes. But it just didn't feel right since it was almost all of their stuff we sold. So I took the boys shopping with their money. Luke is so funny, he picked out two Bionicles (or monsters as my Dad calls them) and two super cute kitties. Opposite ends of the spectrum wouldn't you say?

Caleb, otherwise known as Super Big Brother, assisted Luke at Target and Toys R Us to help Luke find the perfect toy to buy. Here they are in a deep discussion over the merits of a Lego set.

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