Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ebay & Baseball

We had been wanting to take the boys to a Houston Astros baseball game this year, and Aaron was on the hunt to find us some good tickets at a great price. Enter Aaron's friend: Ebay. He kept looking for tickets and eventually he scored! He found four tickets on the bottom level, twenty rows back, all for $50. The tickets are normally $35 a piece. We are trying to be frugal, so we stopped at Whataburger on the way there and ate for $15.

Our awesome seats!

Aaron and Caleb watching batting practice.

Time for snacks. Luke wanted ice cream and a pretzel.

Aaron said it was a great game to go to. First, the Astros won. Second, they hit two home runs. And third, Craig Biggio was there. Do you know who Craig Biggio is? In 2007 he become only the 27th player in MLB to have 3,000 hits in his career.

To celebrate Biggio, the giveaway that night was a DVD of the game that his 3,000 hit occurred in. We each got a DVD. The next morning Aaron discovered that these were being sold on Ebay. He listed three on Ebay for $12.99. Within two days all three of them sold.

Okay so here is the math:

Four tickets bought for $50. 3 DVDs sold for $39. So we paid $11 to sit 20 rows back at a Major League Baseball game. Of course I am not going to mention what we paid for parking or for those snacks and drinks at the game. Okay I'll tell you. Parking was $15 and between our dinner at Whataburger and food at the game we probably spent $40 to $45. That comes out to be $66 for dinner, 4 tickets, parking, and drinks and snacks at the game.

Well worth the money for a fun night with the boys!

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Grannie said...

WOW I am always amazed by the Lori Garza resources!!! Simplnd y amazing and just to show how God's blesses and does give us 'good gifts'. Kaylin and I just finished looking at the pictures you sent. Julie got her a little peronal album to put them in. She loves them!! Thanks for your sweetness and thoughtfulness. Love ya love ya and miss you guys so much!!! Hugs and kisses. Tell the boys I loved the pictures from the ballgame too!