Saturday, August 15, 2009

Books, books, and more books!

The boys and I love books. Here are our recent reads.

Here are Lukey's top five favorite books. We have probably read The Kitten Book to him a hundred times or more.

Can you tell that he likes kittens?

Luke and I went through all of our books to find any and all cat books. We found sixteen and are in the process of reading them all.

Caleb is a super reader. He reads all the time and is a fast reader. His favorite book at the moment is Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith. I think he has read it three times.

Goodwill, garage sales, thrift stores, and Grannie provide me with books for Caleb. These are the books he has read in the past week. Yes, he has read all of these books in a week. He read The Wizard of Oz twice. At bedtime Caleb stays up late reading. In the morning I usually find Caleb on the couch reading. And he reads during the day.

Here is my book corner in my room. The middle shelf holds books to be read by me and books for Caleb to read or for us to read aloud.

Here is my pile of books waiting to be read.

I've heard The Chosen is good and I found it at Goodwill when they were having a book sale, 5 for $1.

Two library books I may or may not read.

And a book my Dad purchased for me when we went to the original Half Price Books in Dallas. The Shadow Women by Angela Elwell Hunt. It is about the women in Moses' life. Angela Hunt's books are usually always good.

My already read books. I recommend them all.

The Phantom Tollbooth is a children's book. I read it aloud to the boys, and while some parts were over Luke's head, Caleb and I both enjoyed it. It is a clever book, about a boy who thinks life is boring. He then goes on a journey to the Lands Beyond, where he visits the island of Conclusions (you get there by jumping), learns about time from a ticking watchdog named Tock, gets lost in the Foothills of Confusion, and well you need to read the book to find out where else he goes.

Girl Soldier is a book about a fifteen year old girl, who was kidnapped from her school and forced to become a child soldier in Uganda. This is a true story and it is amazing that Grace Akallo is now able to share her story with the world.

My Hands Came Away Red by Lisa McCay. It is exciting and just a great story. It is about a group of teens who go on a missionary trip and get caught up in violence in the country. They have to learn to rely on God and each other to get back home.

And last The Moment Between written by Nicole Baart. This is a story about two sisters, one who has severe mental and emotional problems. It was depressing in some parts, but refreshing in others.

I love it when I come across new authors who write well written and thought provoking books. Lisa McCay and Nicole Baart both fit that description.

And here is my pile of books I am currently reading.

Captivation and Wide Awake are both really good. Crazy Love is so far okay. It just doesn't speak to me like the other two books do.

Yesterday I had a close call with some books. I was almost killed or at least severely injured by books. I am not joking. At our homeschool Co-op the building is getting completely remodeled. Yesterday I was helping move books back into the library. All the library shelves were in the gym. We were moving the books to new shelves in the library. There was a book shelf about 7 feet high and 5 feet across, filled with big heavy books. I was standing behind it. I moved a table by the shelf and then all of a sudden it started to fall over. I debated for a second if I should move or try to hold the bookshelf up. (I don't know what I was thinking). I quickly moved and then the book shelf came crashing down. It shook all of us up, and the ladies I was working with kept saying, you could have been killed. I am glad I was not crushed by books, because I have books on my shelf I still want to read. :)

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Grannie said...

SO GLAD YOU ARE ok!!!! LOVE YOUR BOOK RVIEWS....LOVE IT, LOVE IT....WHAT RICHNESS YOU ARE GIVING THR BOYS....I hope to grt back into reading....somedat...