Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Dad

How to describe my Dad?

He is....
a super joke teller
an awesome carpenter
a great chef
a grill master
a talented singer and musician
an anointed preacher
a man of vision
and fun to be around.

knows how to have a Superbowl Party
loves good books
likes to quote lines from his favorite movies (You can't handle the truth!)
needs his COFFEE
has a great smile
loves his wife and still sneaks a kiss from her
plays Sleigh Ride on the piano like no one else
likes to be silly (Bacon, bacon, bacon.)
and is always there for his children and grandchildren.

look up to him
know I had one of the best childhoods a kid could have
wonder how he remembers all of those jokes
will always be his buddy
wish I had gotten his math genes
love to spend time with him
wish I was with him for his birthday
and thank God for him.

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!
(I know this post is about my Dad, but is it just me or does Aaron look like he is wondering what he got himself into too.)


Grannie said...

Thanks for the triute to do have such a way with words!
He is all those things and more. What a man!

Nice day overall yesterday until the evening..We'll share later. We (me and Dad) and all of us here in Big D realy need your prayers. I know you are praying as are so many.....we are trusting in God who has promised to never leave us nor forsake us nor allow anything to overcome us and destroy us...

I'll try to talk to you today.

AA I'm sure did wonder...but what a guy you got....cherish him and love him and tell him how much we love him too. Tell the little Garza guys hello and kisses and hugs and we have a plan for everyone to try together in a couple of weeks.


Holly Young said...

Love this post! You do have a great Dad, as I have a great Uncle!! He is a powerful man of God. I wish I could spend more time with him!! By the way, love the pic from your wedding...seems like yesterday. I loved being there on your big day!!