Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Caleb's Trying Times

Caleb has had an eventful few days. On Monday he got a haircut. We kind of sprung it on him. We took him to the mall and let him get his favorite cookie, a snickerdoodle, then we said let's take you to get a haircut. The boy loves his hair long, but it needed to be trimmed. He had a frown on his face the entire time his hair was being cut.

Then his ear started hurting him really bad. It would only hurt when he would touch the outside of his ear and when he would chew. Those symptom match up with swimmer's ear. On Tuesday I took him to the doctor and he does have swimmer's ear and has to stay out of the pool for 4 to 6 days. Caleb had to sit with me and watch Luke's class and his class during swimming lessons. What are we going to do at home for the rest of the week if we can't swim? It is just too hot to spend long stretches of time outside. Maybe Caleb can study his multiplication tables? Yes, I think he will go for that. Right??

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Grannie said...

SOOO sorry about Caleb.....ouch swimmers ear....but the cookie lava
thingee sure looked goodie...bring that 'recipe' when you guys come up! Working on my slogan..how about Grannie and PawPaw and the long awaited *???? Back to the drawing board I guess.

See you guys soon!