Saturday, June 27, 2009

SpaceVentures Camp

Caleb attended SpaceVentures Camp this week at the Texas Energy Museum. He absolutely loved it! He got his picture taken in a Space Suit that was actually worn in space.

The museum builds capsules and there is an intercom system, so the kids take turns either being mission control or being an astronaut and they act out a mission. Caleb was on the Apollo team.

On Friday they got to shoot off rockets they had made.
Do you see that speck in the cloud? That is Caleb's rocket.

Caleb has one more year that he can participate in this camp. The museum does an amazing job during the camp. Their goal is to have one of their campers actually become an astronaut. Who knows, maybe it will be Caleb!

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Grannie said...

Caleb Ican't believe you got to take a picture in a real space suit! That is amazing...Looks like you had some great fun. I love seeing your rocket. So it really worked???? WOW. double Wow Wow, Triple WOW WOW WOW