Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On butteflies, bees, earthworms, and pools.

We have had some delightful days at the butterfly house. (Can I call my house the butterfly house? I say yes.)

Yesterday I wore one of my favorite shirts that my amazing and spectacular sister gave to me. It makes me happy when I wear it.

And, I used my butterfly bag given to me by my magnificent mom.

We spent the afternoon in the pool. Our new pool. More on the new pool in a minute. Luke yesterday wanted to swim. He usually never puts his head under the water. The boys have swimming lessons in a couple of weeks, so Luke asked me what he needed to do at swimming lessons. I told him to practice putting his head under the water. Well he kept doing that successfully, then I told him to try and kick his legs and move his arms. He was swimming just like that. He swam for two hours straight. Back and forth across the pool, under the water.
Here are the new pool pictures. (I took these when the boys first got in before Luke's swimming success.)

Water Bugs?

There is a long complicated story about our old pool. The short story is that it was damaged in Hurricane Ike last year. We thought it was okay. But it wasn't. We thought we could baby it through the summer, but sadly it was time to let it go.
We wanted to speed up the process of taking down the pool, so the boys held down the sides to let the water flow out. As the water gushed out into the grass, we noticed that all of a sudden there were earthworms everywhere. I guess we had flooded them out. Sorry earthworms. The boys were running around saying, "Attack of the earthworms!" Some ended up on the walkway. Lukey rushed over to pick them up and move them into the grass. Caleb would not touch them and used a shovel to move them.

Playing one last time in the old pool.

Lukey = Future Surfer

We came in and read one of our favorite books:

After all of our work and the kids were in bed I tried to get Aaron to watch The Secret Life of Bees with me. He wasn't going for it. He called it a girly movie. I am interested in this movie, because I had just read the book.

I enjoyed the book. I still do want to watch the movie. To bee or not to bee? Aaron no, Lori yes.

The next day we went to purchase our new pool. We looked over all of our options and decided to get a frame pool that was 48 inches tall. We didn't think very much about how tall 48 inches is. We spent three hours putting this pool together and when we got it entirely together neither Aaron nor I felt good about this pool.

The problem was the 48 inches- that was clearly listed on the box. The pool came up to Caleb's neck and was completely over Lukey's head. Lukey would not have been able to touch the bottom. We just didn't feel comfortable with that size for a pool. So what did we do? We ate dinner and went right outside and took the pool completely apart and packed it back into the box and returned it. At the store Aaron told them we took it out and it was just too big for us. They refunded our money and we got a smaller pool with an inflatable top that is exactly like the pool we had before.

That is the end of butterflies, bees, earthworms, and pools.

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Grannie said...

Wow what an adventure! Never a dull moment with the Garza gang..You guys have so much fun and make everything such an adventure. I agree about the pool...good choice.

I love the diary of a worm book. I read it aloud to first graders and they laughed so hard they were falling our of their chairs!! It may have been the way I personated the worm...anyway. WOW what a great time and great memories.