Sunday, June 7, 2009

Family Update

Aaron's Update:
In the mail this week, a letter from the president of Lamar University congratulating Aaron on being named to the President's List for getting all A's. How awesome is that?

Aaron has started his 8:00 a.m. summer class. He has been getting up early every day so on Saturday he woke up early and decided to go to some yard sales with the boys. Without me. So Aaron and the boys went out and they came home proud of their two finds. First he found a PlayStation 2 with two games for $5. Now we do not really need a PlayStation 2, but for $5 he couldn't pass it up. It will probably end up on ebay. And he found this game- Stratego. He played it when he was a kid and had forgotten about the game. As soon as he saw it all of the memories of the game came back to him. The game looked as if it had only been played once, he got it for $2. Aaron and Caleb spent half the day Saturday playing the game.

Caleb and Luke's Update:
Caleb was so excited to get his first watch. I think he had it for about two weeks and then it disappeared. We looked everywhere. I finally convinced myself that I had accidentally thrown it away. That was about a month ago. So what did I do? I went out and got him another watch. They didn't have the same one and he didn't really like the new watch. Well our playroom is stuffed with toys and I mean the toys are stuffed everywhere. Lukey this week was pulling out every obscure toy and playing with it. The playroom started to look like this:

Finally I had enough of the mess and we spent some time cleaning and putting toys away. All of a sudden I look down and there on the floor is Caleb's original watch. We couldn't believe it. Is anyone in the market for a boys watch that is black with red flames? I can make you a deal.

Okay this picture here is the boys at Christmas. Look at their short hair. Both of the boys' hair is getting long and neither one of them wants to get their hair cut short. I keep trying to talk them into a summer cut, but neither one is going for it. I think I prefer Caleb's hair long. What do you think?

Caleb's hair now.

Luke's hair now. Look at that face. I need to conclude this post, so I can go give this face a kiss.

Caleb earned his Senior Red Belt. The next belt he will test for is the Probationary Black Belt. Then he will earn his Black Belt- probably in December. At our TaeKwonDo Academy it is a big deal when anyone earns a black belt. They bring the student to the front of the room, Master Howells talks about the student, and then the parents come up to the microphone and can say whatever they went to their son or daughter. Then everyone gives the student a standing ovation. This past week at the awards ceremony almost every parent brought me to tears from the words they were saying to their kids.

Caleb we are proud of your hard work. Almost to black belt!

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