Thursday, June 25, 2009

Before and After- The Dreaded Haircut



Lukey loved his long hair. But it was time for a haircut. Last weekend two different people thought he was a girl. Um, yes definitely time for a haircut. When I told him I was going to cut his hair he started crying. He did let me cut it though. One thing is for sure, whether Luke has long hair or short hair- he is still handsome.

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Grannie said...

Lukey, tookey...pudding pie I love the HAIRCUT!! Mama is right you are such a handsome little guy. When can you come see me and all the critters on the farm? Come soon I miss you guys. I hope you, Caleb, Justus and Jacee and Karson and Kaden can come visit all of us here on Grannies and PaPa's farm...Come soon!