Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sights and Sounds from Our House

1. Aaron has new running shoes. He is becoming a big runner. This week he has run 3 days in a row. Am I running? Um no.
2. Aaron grilled our dinner. There is nothing better than Zummo's Links and Boudain.

3. Don't worry the boys are not playing with guns. They are playing with Foam Missile Launchers.

4. This is the easiest recipe for Coconut Pie and so good.

5. While Aaron was grilling, the coconut pie was baking, and the boys playing with the guns I mean foam missile launchers, we were listening to the new CD from Mat Kearney. There are no songs with spoken word, which I really liked on his other CDs. I think this one will grow on me.

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