Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Well, a mother, a real mother is the most wonderful person in the world.
She's the angel voice... that bids you good night, kisses your cheek, whispers "sleep tight"
Your mother and mine your mother and mine
The helping hand that guides you along whether you're right whether you're wrong
Your mother and mine your mother and mine
What makes mothers all that they are might as well ask what makes a star
Ask your heart to tell you her worth your heart will say Heaven on Earth
Another word for divine your mother and mine.

From Peter Pan by: J.M. Barrie

I am blessed to have a mother who is divine! Happy Mother's Day Mom!


Tim Gabbard said...
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Cam said...

Hi Lori FYI. Grannie typed a comment under Tim's computer. He thought it was acquwered and deleted it. I can't wait till you get here:)