Thursday, May 7, 2009

Family Night

We had our May Family Night at Co-op this week. Science projects and artwork were on display. The music classes presented programs. Caleb was in a program about the 20th Century (that is what they studied this year in history). My favorite song that they did was a 50's medley with dancing. Lukey was in a program with the preschoolers through 2nd grade. The little ones have been studying geography in history, so they presented a program with songs from around the world. Lukey is dressed like he is from Africa and got to play a drum. Caleb and Luke did so good! Thanks Granna and PawPaw for coming!

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Grannie said...

Great pictures...thanks so much for the pictures so we can see the fun even though we could not be there. As usual your guys 'shine like the stars' they are!!!

LOVED your mother's day are you finding these great poems and great quotes?? I count it an honor and the greatest priviledge to be your mother along with your siblings. I am truly blessed.