Sunday, April 19, 2009

Surprising happenings at church today

1. I met a woman at church whose name is Cinnamon.

2. It was Biker Day. There were about 30 motorcycles parked right outside the door. After the service they had a blessing of the bikes.

3. The Pastor used The Matrix and The Dark Night as examples in his message.

4. During worship a biker led We Will Ride. I like that - a biker saying, "Yes Lord, we will ride with you."

5. The worship team sang Sweet Home Up in Heaven. It is to the tune of Sweet Home Alabama.

6. We enjoyed the electric guitar solo during worship.

7. We learned about Bikers for Christ.

8. After church Caleb told me his favorite song is Born to be Wild. This from the boy who at his brother's birthday party at Build-A-Bear made this bear. Should I be worried?

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