Sunday, April 12, 2009

Red = Fire

Last week Caleb had his testing for his red belt for TaeKwonDo. Testing is a big deal. First they warm up together.
Then they are called by rank to do their form in front of a panel of judges (black belt instructors). Here is Caleb about to do his form. I asked him if he gets nervous in front of the judges and he said, "Of course not, why would I be nervous?"
Then they have to do sparring. Yes, they punch and kick. They wear gear and there is strict rules for sparring that are enforced so that the kids hopefully do not get hurt.
Then about a week later the kids find out if they passed their testing. Caleb passed and is now a red belt. Here Caleb had just received his new belt. Red belt is the last belt before black!!!

His next testing will be harder. He will have to do the red belt form (which is called the fire form), sparring, and break three boards (with his foot, elbow, and hand). I know Caleb can do it and he won't even be nervous.

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