Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday. She is a super lady. In honor of her birthday I am listing five of my favorite memories with her.

1. When I was 5 years old, Julie was in Girl Scouts and Mom was one of the leaders. I was too young to be a part of it. One afternoon all of the girls were coming over for a Girl Scout meeting or party or something. My Mom spent the afternoon getting everything ready for them. She made cupcakes for them. She told me, Lori you need to go up to your room while the Girl Scouts are here. I was kind of sad, but I went to my room. Before the meeting started I was in my room thinking of what I was missing. I heard a knock at my door, it was my Mom. She gave me a cupcake and said here this is for you. She also gave me a hug and I think a little pep talk on how my special time would come.

2. When I was 9 years old, our church had an outing to go to King's Dominion, an amusement park in Virginia. The day came and I was sick. Dad, Julie, Joe, and Tim left for the big day of fun. I stayed home. I remember lying on the couch, feeling very sad about the fun I was missing. I guess I started to feel better, but I remember my Mom saying since I had to miss out on the fun of the amusement park she had a special surprise for me. She took me to the animal shelter and let me pick out any kitten I wanted. I remember walking through the animal shelter and seeing so many little kittens. I saw a little orange tabby and knew it was the one I wanted. We went home with the little kitten and I named it Precious. She was my special cat. To my nine year old self, there was hardly anything better than a kitten.

3. For part of our lives when one of the kids had a birthday, they got to go out to eat by themselves with Mom and Dad. Anywhere we wanted to go. When I was turning 13, I asked to be taken to Red Lobster. At Red Lobster Mom and Dad told me I could order anything off the menu. I remember I ordered something with lobster. They brought my plate out with the lobster and the melted butter to dip it in. I remember eating it and thinking it was the most delicious food I had eaten. My parents also took me to the Optometrist to get contacts for my birthday. I was so tired of wearing glasses. With my contacts and my lobster I was living the good life. Thinking about it now I wonder how much did that meal cost compared to our family's weekly food bill.

4. When I was in high school, I was in the band. Any other parents out there with kids in band know the work the band parents are asked to do. My mom, busy with three other kids, a part time job, being a pastor's wife and all that entails, plus laundry, cooking, and cleaning, always volunteered to help with the band. My mom worked as a chaperon for numerous band competitions, she helped set up backdrops for marching band shows, she helped me sell and distribute a lot of pizzas for fundraising, and took me and picked me up from countless band practices. I am sure my Mom had better ways to spend her time than riding a school bus with 50+ sometimes obnoxious kids. But she never complained and always did it cheerfully.

5. When I was in my senior year of high school, I had a part time job at the cookie place in the mall. Some Saturdays and also summer days I would work a full shift 1 to 9. When I would work all day my Mom would come to the mall and bring me a plate of food from the family dinner I had missed. My co-workers would oh and ah over the food. They thought I had the best mother. They were right.

I could go on and on. Little notes in my lunch when I was in school. My wedding. My birthday. The birth of Caleb and Luke. Her support of my homeschooling. Her sharing of any and every book or item we might use for homeschooling. How she sends me coupons in the mail. I know I am missing a thousand or more ways that Mom has served me. Serving others is one of the things my mom excels at. She is a servant and has a servant's heart. Thank you Mom for teaching us kids how we should live by your actions. I only hope I can show my love for my family the same way you did for us.

I love you. Happy Birthday.

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Grannie said...

Oh Lori thank you so much for this little tribute, I am having a rough time lately with school and a few other things and I guess questioning my life, who I am, where I am going...its early..Good Friday Morning can't sleep and your little message means so much. I look back and all I can see are so many times are all the mistakes I have made through the years...things I should have done and said. Thank you darling little girl for a wonderful birthday present. Love you