Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Because Camryn wants to know


Yes we watched American Idol. My favorites of the night were:

1. Adam- I think that he can sing anything. The song and performance made us smile. He is my favorite.

2. Danny- I don't know why, he is just likable. Aaron and I think it would be great for Danny to finish in the top 5. He could make a Christian CD and would probably be very successful.

3. Scott- I have not really liked his voice, but last night his song was great. My theory is that Scott did so much better this week than last week because this week they told him he was wearing jeans and a cool leather jacket. Last week they told him by the way you are wearing pink pants.

Caleb's favorite was Adam with Anoop a close 2nd. (I have never heard Usher and didn't get Anoop's song.)

Some observations:
What was with the high hair on everyone? Adam and Scott both had big poofy hair. (The spellcheck just informed me that poofy is not a word. I never knew.) And Allison's spiky hair was more distracting than her clothes.

Who will leave tonight? It has to be Megan.

Caleb voted extensively (like for 30 minutes, until we made him go to bed) for Anoop, Adam, Danny, Scott, Kris, and Matt. None of the girls received his vote. Sorry girls.

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Holly Young said...

I am so into American Idol this season. I agree- Megan needs to go!! And Adams, how does he hit those notes! Amazing. My favs are definately Adam and Danny. I agree, he would make a great Christain Cd, I would buy it! Tori and I both vote every week for our favorite's. Tori, however likes everyone! Can't wait until tonight, to see goes home.