Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

For St. Patrick's Day, the kids decorated the window. Camryn cut out block letters. The littles (I call Luke and Kaylin the littles) made the sticker sheets.

We read three books: St. Patrick's Day, A Family in Ireland, and Green Eggs and Ham. We learned how St. Patrick was responsible for bringing Christianity to Ireland. (Camryn already knew all about this- she had learned it at school.)

Kaylin "read" Green Eggs and Ham to us and knew most of the book.

Can you guess what we had for breakfast? Yep, green eggs, ham, and cinnamon rolls with green icing. Camryn was the only one in the house brave enough to try green eggs.

After breakfast the kids danced along to an Irish Jig.

In the afternoon the kids built things out of Magic Noodles. We got a box of them for $4.99 from Hobby Lobby. Totally worth it. The kids spent two hours at the table making their masterpieces. You get the edge of the noodle wet then stick it together to another noodle and it works like magic.
At first they made crowns and then decided to make helmets.

Kaylin: I'm the queen.
Lukey: I will be the king.
Kaylin: Sorry Lukey you are too little to be the king.
Lukey: Kalyin you look pretty.
Kaylin: I know.
Lukey: I will be a warrior.
Lukey: Mom, I am just wondering are warriors bad or good?

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