Saturday, March 21, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

1. Michael Tate is joining the Newsboys as their new lead singer. Peter Furler is leaving the band to spend more time with his family and his elderly parents. What is crazy about this is that they are in the middle of a tour, and they have a new CD coming out May 5th, with Peter Furler singing on it. Now I love the Newsboys and Michael Tate, them together should be interesting.

2. American Idol talk: I absolutely loved Adam's rendition of Ring of Fire. Up until this week he was my least favorite contestant. But come on did you hear his voice and the notes and how smooth he was? He is super talented.

3. More American Idol: Camryn and Caleb watched AI with us. We have never voted. As soon as the show was over they both were begging to vote for their favorites. Caleb wanted to vote for Anoop and Camryn wanted to vote for Michael and Danny. Camryn called and voted three times for each one of their favorites.

4. Sadly Camryn and Kaylin's visit with us was cut short. Read here to see why.

5. Mat Kearney has a new album coming out May 19th. He is one of our favorites. Listen to his new single here.

6. This recipe is so easy and delicious. Even the kids liked it. I think the first time I had it was when my mom cooked it for us. Yum!

7. Okay I am gearing up for our 3rd and last birthday of the month. Aaron's birthday is Sunday. God knew what he was doing in putting the kids and Aaron's birthday in March. In March we have our tax refund money. Since we love birthdays it is a blessing to be able to splurge on my three favorite guys.


Julz said...

Ok, what??? Tait from DC Talk is going to front the Newsboys??? What kind of parallel, bizarre universe are we living in?? I love Tait and I love the Newsboys, but together? I guess I'll have to just hear it for myself. Peter Furler was the key to the Newsboys in my opinion, so it will be a totally new, unique group.

Completely agree with you on Adam's Idol version of "Ring of Fire". As a Cash fan, I have a cd with the original on it and it is a classic, great song. However, the chords are pretty predictable and solid. When Adam launched into his version, I was mesmerized. It was so unique and unexpected. I had to rewind the DVR and listen to it again because it blew me away. He's not my favorite, but the guy is talented, has an amazing voice, and is very unique and original. But, go Danny is all I can say. My favorite is Danny with Matt the dueling piano player a distant second.

Mat Kearney, you go!! Can't wait.

Thanks, Lu, for keeping me up to date on the music scene!

Tim Gabbard said...

I can't believe that Tait is the new lead. It will be interesting how their sound and arrangements change.