Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lukey's 5th Birthday

Lukey is five! How did that happen? The big event for his birthday was Camryn and Kaylin coming for a visit.

Lukey started his birthday with presents first. He had a lot of presents to open from Mom and Dad and presents that Grannie and PawPaw Gabbard had sent for him. He loved all of them! (Well except for one, but that is another blog.)

After presents we had a birthday feast. I asked Lukey if he wanted anything special for breakfast and he said, "I want everything you can give me." We had eggs, sausage, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and fruit. He called it a feast.

For lunch we met Granna and PawPaw Garza at Red Lobster. We had a yummy lunch, and then we went to the main event, Build-A-Bear. Lukey loves stuffed animals and couldn't wait to go there. He was especially excited to have Camryn and Kaylin there with him.

The first time we lit the candles, Lukey's friend Elijah blew out the candles. We lit them again and Lukey blew them out as soon as we started singing Happy Birthday!

The kids had so much fun at Build-A-Bear! We had a little party and they kids played games and sang songs and then picked out their bears and clothes. (Big brother Caleb told me he was too old for Build-A-Bear and that he was not going to make a bear. I told him he could make a bear and give it to Luke. When we got to BAB, Caleb was excited and made a bear and was really into it. Check out Caleb's rocker bear.)

Lukey named his cat, Kitty Witty. We love you so much Lukey! You are a sweet and special boy! Happy Birthday!

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