Saturday, March 7, 2009

Caleb's Birthday Week

Here is the birthday week in review. Caleb did not want us to buy him presents. He wanted money to spend at the Lego store in Houston. Of course he picked out Star Wars Legos. One of my friends said that for boys, Star Wars + Legos = Happiness.

On Caleb's actual birthday we met Granna and PawPaw at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Even PawPaw got in on the action.

Caleb got birthday money from his Dallas grandparents. We went right away to Walmart where he picked out Star Wars toys. One non-Star Wars toy did make it to our house, a Jeff Gordon racing truck.

With his money Caleb got a toy for Luke too. Can you tell Luke is happy about his new toy?

At TaeKwonDo, Caleb got to break a board for his birthday. He broke it on his first try.

The big event came on Friday. Caleb wanted a sleep over with his friends. We decorated the play room and he said that it was the dark side with the red and black streamers. Here he is reading trying to pass the time.

We used his new Legos for decorations.

We made cupcakes and tried to make lightsabers out of M&M's.

The three boys who came each gave Caleb a Star Wars Lego set for his present. They immediately started building them and playing Legos.

I tried to get them to go to bed at 11:45. At 12:30 I went in to check on them and they were playing Payday. I think they maybe went to sleep at 1:30. Um sorry Mom's, it being time change weekend and all.
**Caleb did tell me that he did not want us to put a candle in a cupcake and sing happy birthday to him. Yes, sir.

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Grannie said...

Been thinking of you guys all week and weekend wondering how it went. Looks like it was great. Tell everyone we said hello.