Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday Boy #1

time ago
in a galaxy far, far
away, lived a husband and
wife. Little did they know how
their lives were about to change. One event
changed their live and their destiny. That one event was
the birth of their first born son- Caleb. Yes, the husband and wife's
life would never be the same. But they would not want their life to be any other way. The birth of that son Caleb, would be one of the best things to ever happen to either of them. Caleb's story is still unfolding. What awesome things will Caleb do in his lifetime? Where will this life take him? What is the impact his life will make on this world? The answer to those questions are not known. What is known is that on March 3, 2000 something spectacular happened. A special boy was born and today we celebrate his birthday.

Happy Birthday Caleb!


Holly Young said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!!

Grannie said...

Wonderful. Caleb has and is such a blessing to us...unique and wonderfully created in the likeness of oth his earthly and Heavenly Father. Love you guys so much!