Saturday, March 21, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

1. Michael Tate is joining the Newsboys as their new lead singer. Peter Furler is leaving the band to spend more time with his family and his elderly parents. What is crazy about this is that they are in the middle of a tour, and they have a new CD coming out May 5th, with Peter Furler singing on it. Now I love the Newsboys and Michael Tate, them together should be interesting.

2. American Idol talk: I absolutely loved Adam's rendition of Ring of Fire. Up until this week he was my least favorite contestant. But come on did you hear his voice and the notes and how smooth he was? He is super talented.

3. More American Idol: Camryn and Caleb watched AI with us. We have never voted. As soon as the show was over they both were begging to vote for their favorites. Caleb wanted to vote for Anoop and Camryn wanted to vote for Michael and Danny. Camryn called and voted three times for each one of their favorites.

4. Sadly Camryn and Kaylin's visit with us was cut short. Read here to see why.

5. Mat Kearney has a new album coming out May 19th. He is one of our favorites. Listen to his new single here.

6. This recipe is so easy and delicious. Even the kids liked it. I think the first time I had it was when my mom cooked it for us. Yum!

7. Okay I am gearing up for our 3rd and last birthday of the month. Aaron's birthday is Sunday. God knew what he was doing in putting the kids and Aaron's birthday in March. In March we have our tax refund money. Since we love birthdays it is a blessing to be able to splurge on my three favorite guys.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

For St. Patrick's Day, the kids decorated the window. Camryn cut out block letters. The littles (I call Luke and Kaylin the littles) made the sticker sheets.

We read three books: St. Patrick's Day, A Family in Ireland, and Green Eggs and Ham. We learned how St. Patrick was responsible for bringing Christianity to Ireland. (Camryn already knew all about this- she had learned it at school.)

Kaylin "read" Green Eggs and Ham to us and knew most of the book.

Can you guess what we had for breakfast? Yep, green eggs, ham, and cinnamon rolls with green icing. Camryn was the only one in the house brave enough to try green eggs.

After breakfast the kids danced along to an Irish Jig.

In the afternoon the kids built things out of Magic Noodles. We got a box of them for $4.99 from Hobby Lobby. Totally worth it. The kids spent two hours at the table making their masterpieces. You get the edge of the noodle wet then stick it together to another noodle and it works like magic.
At first they made crowns and then decided to make helmets.

Kaylin: I'm the queen.
Lukey: I will be the king.
Kaylin: Sorry Lukey you are too little to be the king.
Lukey: Kalyin you look pretty.
Kaylin: I know.
Lukey: I will be a warrior.
Lukey: Mom, I am just wondering are warriors bad or good?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lukey's 5th Birthday

Lukey is five! How did that happen? The big event for his birthday was Camryn and Kaylin coming for a visit.

Lukey started his birthday with presents first. He had a lot of presents to open from Mom and Dad and presents that Grannie and PawPaw Gabbard had sent for him. He loved all of them! (Well except for one, but that is another blog.)

After presents we had a birthday feast. I asked Lukey if he wanted anything special for breakfast and he said, "I want everything you can give me." We had eggs, sausage, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and fruit. He called it a feast.

For lunch we met Granna and PawPaw Garza at Red Lobster. We had a yummy lunch, and then we went to the main event, Build-A-Bear. Lukey loves stuffed animals and couldn't wait to go there. He was especially excited to have Camryn and Kaylin there with him.

The first time we lit the candles, Lukey's friend Elijah blew out the candles. We lit them again and Lukey blew them out as soon as we started singing Happy Birthday!

The kids had so much fun at Build-A-Bear! We had a little party and they kids played games and sang songs and then picked out their bears and clothes. (Big brother Caleb told me he was too old for Build-A-Bear and that he was not going to make a bear. I told him he could make a bear and give it to Luke. When we got to BAB, Caleb was excited and made a bear and was really into it. Check out Caleb's rocker bear.)

Lukey named his cat, Kitty Witty. We love you so much Lukey! You are a sweet and special boy! Happy Birthday!

San Antonio

I am so behind in blogging! During Aaron's spring break, we visited San Antonio. I love the city of San Antonio, it is where we went for our honeymoon. We were married on March 9, 1996. We returned to San Antonio March 10, 2009. We stayed in the same hotel we stayed at for our honeymoon, and ate at the same outstanding Mexican restaurant. We had a lovely time taking the boys around the city. 13 years ago I had no idea where our lives would take us. Back then I had no idea of the joy that our two boys would bring us. I am so thankful for the past 13 years of my life and being married to a wonderful man!

Lukey found little sombreros at the Mexican Market, that he thought would be perfect for his little kitties. They fit his kitties just right and it made him so happy.
One place we did not go or even knew existed when we were on our honeymoon was The Children's Museum. We now know it exists and the boys loved it! The boys favorite part of it was the pretend HEB. They have a complete store where the kids go shopping. The shelves were full of kid's favorites. They loaded up their carts and then went to check out. They had real cash registers like they have a HEB. The kids scan all of their groceries. Both Caleb and Luke loved this! Luke did it twice. The second time he got smart. The only things he put in his cart were mac and cheese and ice cream bars.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Post Party

Vintage Caleb:

1. Caleb typed up a Star Wars quiz for his friends to take. He awarded prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

2. One of Caleb's friends said that he brought his jacket. Caleb corrected him and told him that he didn't bring his jacket, that in fact he brought his sweatshirt. Caleb said, "A jacket has a zipper and a sweatshirt does not."

3. Caleb shared all of his new Legos with his friends.

Caleb's Birthday Week

Here is the birthday week in review. Caleb did not want us to buy him presents. He wanted money to spend at the Lego store in Houston. Of course he picked out Star Wars Legos. One of my friends said that for boys, Star Wars + Legos = Happiness.

On Caleb's actual birthday we met Granna and PawPaw at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Even PawPaw got in on the action.

Caleb got birthday money from his Dallas grandparents. We went right away to Walmart where he picked out Star Wars toys. One non-Star Wars toy did make it to our house, a Jeff Gordon racing truck.

With his money Caleb got a toy for Luke too. Can you tell Luke is happy about his new toy?

At TaeKwonDo, Caleb got to break a board for his birthday. He broke it on his first try.

The big event came on Friday. Caleb wanted a sleep over with his friends. We decorated the play room and he said that it was the dark side with the red and black streamers. Here he is reading trying to pass the time.

We used his new Legos for decorations.

We made cupcakes and tried to make lightsabers out of M&M's.

The three boys who came each gave Caleb a Star Wars Lego set for his present. They immediately started building them and playing Legos.

I tried to get them to go to bed at 11:45. At 12:30 I went in to check on them and they were playing Payday. I think they maybe went to sleep at 1:30. Um sorry Mom's, it being time change weekend and all.
**Caleb did tell me that he did not want us to put a candle in a cupcake and sing happy birthday to him. Yes, sir.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday Boy #1

time ago
in a galaxy far, far
away, lived a husband and
wife. Little did they know how
their lives were about to change. One event
changed their live and their destiny. That one event was
the birth of their first born son- Caleb. Yes, the husband and wife's
life would never be the same. But they would not want their life to be any other way. The birth of that son Caleb, would be one of the best things to ever happen to either of them. Caleb's story is still unfolding. What awesome things will Caleb do in his lifetime? Where will this life take him? What is the impact his life will make on this world? The answer to those questions are not known. What is known is that on March 3, 2000 something spectacular happened. A special boy was born and today we celebrate his birthday.

Happy Birthday Caleb!