Sunday, February 22, 2009

What We're Reading Part 5

For Literature Caleb read The Borrowers by Mary Norton. Have you ever lost a safety pin, needle, stamp, or sock and not known where it could have gone to? Maybe the Borrowers took it. The Borrowers are little people who live under the floor and inside the walls. The story of the Borrowers continues in The Borrowers Afield, The Borrowers Afloat, The Borrowers Aloft, and The Borrowers Avenged. In Literature class at Co-op the kids made Borrowers homes.

For History Caleb was studying about Teddy Roosevelt. He read You're on Your Way, Teddy Roosevelt by Judith St. George. This book is about Teddy Roosevelt when he was a boy. Then he read Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt by Jean Fritz. Teddy Roosevelt was another great American. Two interesting facts we learned about him from these books. Teddy would use the word bully all the time to refer to something that was fun or exciting. The other thing we learned was that teddy bears are named after Teddy Roosevelt. While he was president he went on a hunting trip. He came upon an old bear and he had him right in sight to shoot him. Teddy looked the bear in the eye and decided not to shoot the bear so he let it go. The press heard about it and started to joke about Teddy and the bear. Soon a company started selling stuffed animal bears and called them Teddy Bears. Also, we checked out Night at the Museum from the library, since it has Teddy Roosevelt in it. (In a way.)

Then Caleb started to study Albert Einstein. He read Odd Boy Out by Don Brown and Albert Einstein by Don McLeese. He was another fascinating person.

Lukey has two new favorite books: Widget and Widget and the Puppy by Lyn Rossiter McFarland. They are cute books about a dog named Widget and the girls, the cats, he lives with. We have read these every day since we've had them from the library.

And finally I finished two books recently. The first was The Host by Stephanie Meyer. This is the new book from the author of The Twilight series. In this book Earth has been taken over by aliens. But they need human bodies to live in. This is the story of an alien in a woman's body. The woman still has thoughts and feelings and convinces the alien to go and help some of the humans that she loves who are in hiding from the aliens. It is hard to explain, but the book is very good. The first hundred pages are hard to get through, but if you keep reading it gets good.
And then we have Dewey, The Small-town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicki Myron. This is the true story of a kitten who was found one cold morning in the book drop of a library. The librarian gives him a home in the library and he lives there for 18 years. This book is the story of the cat, the town, and the librarian. I have to recommend this book to my Mom, who loves animals and is a librarian. Anyone who has a pet or likes animals should read this book.


Cam said...

Love it all Lu.Do you know where I could find that book? p.s. Love the kitty on the book.

Grannie said...

Caleb's project is fantastic as usual! Looks so much like a 'borrower's house would look like. Great choice of books.

Tell both guys Grannie says hello! Luke the Physician....I'm not surprised at all.

You guys have too much fun!!