Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

My goal was to have a nice Valentine's Day without spending much money. I think we accomplished that. I decorated the dining room and put conversation hearts on the table with a special note for the Garza boys to wake up to on Saturday.

We made sugar cookies. After the cookies the boys and I went to the park.

Aaron's dinner for me got put on hold. We decided to take the boys to a Lamar basketball game. The game Saturday night was shown on ESPNU, so they were trying to fill the place up. We scored $1 tickets to the game. For dinner we went to Jason's Deli then headed to the game.

Were you watching ESPNU? Were we on TV? :) The whole family had a great Valentine's Day for under $30.

Aaron asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day. I told him I wanted him to cook dinner. Well he cooked me a delicious dinner Monday night. I did help him a little with the sides. He says he is going to have to cook again with no help. Okay!

My mom on her blog listed her top 4 Valentine's Days. She mentioned that one year on Valentine's day mom and dad took us four kids to each get a brand new Bible with our names on them. This is the one I got. That was a great idea, Mom and Dad. I still remember the bookstore we went to and getting to pick out the Bible I wanted. What a great way to show love to your kids, by getting them a new Bible which tells the story of the greatest love.


Grannie said...

Looks like a great day.. I loved all the decorations! Way to go. I even saw a Cookie box...wow how man years ago was that!! Aaron's dinner for you looked great! Baked sweet potatoe-yum.. I had no idea you still had that Bible...and it was a great idea.....if I can so myself

Cam said...

I can't wait till Spring Break:) I met Jason Earles from Hannah Montanna it was awesome so check out my blog.