Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Busy Week

I truly have meant to blog this week. I will give you a rundown of our week and maybe you will excuse the non-blogging.

Sunday: We had church, a quick grocery store run, watch the Nascar race, run up to the Co-op building and help set up for our Around-the-World Carnival.

Monday: School all day at Co-op, stayed late, home after five. Watched 24. I thought the season was about to be over, mission accomplished, then Tony shows up and changes everything. It is going to get good.

Tuesday: In the morning go to the Co-op building and finish setting up for the big event tonight. We are calling it "Passport to Fun". Quick dinner then back up to school. The students visited booths from around the world. At Germany they sampled German chocolates and played soccer, at Australia they made a Boomerang and had a Kangaroo hop race, at Africa they went on a African Safari, at England they had scones and tea, at Brazil they had to participate in a traditional Brazilian dance, at China they had a chopsticks race, at Israel they went fishing in the Sea of Galilee, and well you get the picture. The boys had such a fun time. There were 15 countries to visit in all.

Wednesday: We had tickets to The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley based on the Flat Stanley books by: Jeff Brown. It was in Orange at the Lutcher Theater. We didn't make it back to Beaumont till 3, then I decided to go by Dillards. They had a super sale- take an additional 40% off all winter clearance. I got six items for the boys for next winter for a total of $32.96. Watched Lost. All I have got to say is Ben is so creepy! The scene with him and Locke was full of tension and I could not believe what he did. (Side note to Dad, yes Lost is just as good as 24. At our house it is considered better than 24.)

Thursday: Yes, I made it to Thursday. I am planning on Thursday being my catch up day on laundry, getting Caleb caught up in school, and getting back to normal. Unfortunately the dreaded stomach virus hits me. Enough said about that. Aaron had school from 12 to 5, so he was able to take care of the boys in the morning. Caleb was a great big brother. He made him and Luke's lunch and played with Luke all afternoon. I had pulled out some jungle items from the storage building for the carnival. Luke had asked me to help him build a jungle for his animals. Thursday was the day we were supposed to do it. Caleb built the jungle for Luke complete with a river. I think he did better than I could have done. Thankfully I started to feel better Thursday night.

Friday: I am starting to feel better. And now I am trying not to panic. Birthday Countdown has begun at our house. Yes, all three Garza boys have birthdays coming up soon! Caleb is having a sleep over with four friends from school next Friday. He doesn't want us to get him presents, he just wants money to buy Legos. Luke is so excited that his cousins from Dallas are coming for his birthday. He wants to do two things for his birthday with the cousins, go to Build-A-Bear and go to Village Creek State Park and explore the trails. He does want presents. And Aaron, well I am still working on that.

Saturday: I am blogging! After this I have a full day of catching up on laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, preparing for my classes at Co-op on Monday, and I have got to take Caleb to TaeKwonDo (he has missed a lot this week). We do have a treat tonight. The high schoolers at Co-op are offering a free Parents-Night-Out. We are going to take advantage of that, we will probably have dinner and go birthday shopping for Luke.
Sunday: Who knows? Hopefully the Garza house will be back to normal. And clean. And all laundry completed. A person can dream right?


Holly Young said...

Glad you are feeling better. Seems like the stomach thing has been going around everywhere.

Grannie said...

WOW NEVER A DULL MOMENT AT THE GARZA HOUSE WITH THE GARZA GUYS AND SUPER GAL!!! If ever we could ...which I know we don't and its not possible...Lori, if I could come back as a 'kid'....I would want to come back as your kid!!!!