Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Food Post

This post is all about food.

First here are some recipes for you that worked for me:

1. This recipe for Blackberry Cobbler is delicious. It's easy to make, it does not have too many ingredients, and you can get a bag of frozen blackberries from Kroger for pretty cheap. Thanks Pioneer Woman!

2. I tried this recipe for Mini Meatloaves. Meatloaf is one of hubby's favorite foods. Each time I make meatloaf I usually use a different recipe. I just have not gotten it down. But this recipe both of us really liked. I did the Mexican-style. The whole family ate it, even Caleb. I made homemade mashed potatoes to go with it- Mmmm!

3. I came across this idea for a meal and it is now one of my favorites- Taco Potatoes. Just make baked potatoes and top with taco meat, peppers and onions, cheese, and sour cream. Yummy!

These spices were in my pantry. They are almost 13 years old! Don't worry I haven't cooked with them in forever. I know that they are 13 years old because my 13 year wedding anniversary is about to come up and we received a spice rack for a wedding present and these came with it. Sorry spices, time to go.

This is Lukey's idea of a super bowl. He loves cereal with milk, (that's how he always asks for it). And yes he is eating Cookie Crisp cereal. I let the boys each pick out a box of cereal and that is what Lukey picked.

Here are the boys ready for the Super Bowl to begin.

And yes my dad raised me right! He taught us, that you must have good food during the Super Bowl. The food at our humble party included wings, pizza, dip and veggies, and brownies.

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Grannie said...

WOW! THAT LOOKS GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT! Dad will be found of this spread you made for the Garza Guys!