Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Embrace Me

Embrace Me by: Lisa Samson has been out for almost a year. She is a very talented writer and I enjoy reading her books. When this one came out I was not even interested. It just didn't seem to have a good premise. (I was wrong.) It is the story of a self proclaimed "lizard woman" and a girl with no arms and legs who are a part of a travelling circus. But this story of Valentine and Lella is a beautiful story. Other characters in the story include a self-mutilating preacher and a dreadlocked and tattooed monk named Augustine. This has to be one of the best books I have ever read. Augustine quotes Mother Theresa, "You only love Christ as much as the person you love the least." This book explores forgiveness, mercy, compassion, and the modern church. And Lisa Samson's writing is superb. Here is a sample, "Thomas, his stained-glass face eating up the late afternoon sun looks doubtful of my presence and I can't blame him." She also makes a clever reference to "Death Star Churches". But I will let you read that sentence yourself! I highly recommend this book.

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