Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dr. Luke is on Duty

Lukey wanted to make an animal hospital, so we got out the tent. Lukey brought most of his animals to the tent hospital and kept making a sad face, saying his animals were not doing good. We have a lot of medical tape that the hospital sent home with Aaron from a few years ago, so Caleb, as Luke's assistant, wrapped up all of the animal's hurts.

Dr. Luke is happy to report that all of the animals are doing better. The animal hospital is still in the playroom, ready for the next animal that needs to visit.

FYI: Both Aaron and the boys like my haircut. I was a little worried since I have never had my hair this short. This is the second time I have been to this hairdresser. She is such a nice lady, and she talked me into this cut, saying it would make me look younger. When I first saw Luke he said, "Momma you look good, I like your haircut." Luke is going to make a good husband one day!

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