Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Van

I still can not believe that God has given us a brand new minivan!
In our Toyota Corolla, last week, the inside door handle where Caleb sits broke. He was unable to open his door from the inside. He asked us when we could fix it. We told Caleb not for a while, because money was going to be tight with Aaron being laid off. Caleb said, "Maybe I will take some of my birthday money and get this door handle fixed." I don't think I will ever forget him saying that. Well, a week later Caleb is riding in style in a brand new minivan, with a DVD player and leather seats, and doors that not only open from the inside, but open at a touch of a button.


Tim Gabbard said...

AWESOME! I am so happy for you guys!

Holly Young said...

That is AMAZING!!! What an awesome blessing! I am so happy for you!! This is a miracle that you and your kids will remember the rest of their lives!!

Grannie said...

Lori, I am giving your testimony to everyone I know! At work it is bringing tears of joy to people's eyes. And hope and faith for their own trying situations! It is a reminder of how God truly does own the cattle of a thousand hills...even in a trying economic hardship...He is able to supply'abundantly over our expectations and dreams.

Julz said...

I know we've already talked about this, but I am still in shock. How wonderful, how marvelous! This is the kind of story that you would read in Guideposts. God knew exactly what you guys needed and exactly when you needed it. Icing on the cake that it was top of the line with all the luxury items.

All glory to Him!