Sunday, January 18, 2009

The library card that almost got me in trouble.

Friday afternoon hubby decided to go to the library with us. Now I do have to admit, I am a library nerd. I love to go to the library. I think I have always been that way. Probably because my parents took us to the library when we were kids. A lot. When we lived in the country in Kentucky, we had about an hour bus ride each way. Every school in the county from elementary to high school rode the same bus together, so Julie, Joe, Tim, and I all rode the bus together. On some days our parents would have us get off the bus at the library in town, saving us the hour long trip home. I don't remember why we would get off at the library. There was probably a reason, more than us just wanting to get books. Even then I loved the library. Anyway, I have always loved books and I love the library because it is packed with books that they let you take home for free! And if you don't like the book, you can just stop reading it and take it back to them. (I hate it when I buy a book, and it is not that good. I feel like I have wasted money.)

Hubby does not share my love of the library. He doesn't dislike the library, he is just not quite the reader that I am. He does have a library card though. And at times I borrow it from his wallet and use it. Our library has a limit of four videos or DVDs and the ladies at the library know me and let me use Aaron's card so we can check out more than four.

So on Friday the boys picked out three DVDs, I picked out a video for school, and Aaron and I picked out three movies. (If you are wondering they were: Dan in Real Life, saw it before and loved it, Leatherheads, haven't watched it yet, and Cloverfield, we watched it Friday night- and I liked it.)

We head up to the check-out desk and I mention to Aaron, "Um Aaron I may have a fine on your library card." The lady on the left is checking me out, and the lady on the right takes Aaron with our three movies. I introduce her to Aaron. (She says I am one of the libraries best patrons, I know I'm a nerd.) And then she starts laughing and says to Aaron, "You haven't been to the library in a while, do you know she has a late fee on your card?" The late fee was $14.45!! I start to panic thinking how is that possible. I finish up on my side and join Aaron. He does not look happy. The lady starts telling me what books were late and that a DVD was turned in five days late, racking $5 in late charges. Now I never turn my DVDs that late. I tell her, "I can't imagine turning in a DVD that late."

Now remember we are trying to be wise with our money, especially now that Aaron is a full time student and not working. This is one of the reasons we are at the library, for free entertainment.

I can't believe the one time Aaron goes to the library with me, I have $14.45 in late charges on his card. The lady gets on the phone and goes to the back room and after me sweating it out for ten minutes she comes back and says, "I took all the charges off." No, I didn't get special favors. The late charges were from Hurricane Ike. I had used Aaron's card to check out books. They were turned in late because we were out of our home for two weeks because of the hurricane. The library removed everyone's late fees from that time. But they removed the charges the next time you were in the library using your card. So the next time the card was used was when Aaron was actually using the card. So we were able to check out our movies, and I didn't get in trouble.

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Julz said...

This is hilarious. I can just picture you guys at the library. I've racked up a few bucks here and there, but $14???? So glad there was a good reason. I bet Aaron hides his card from you from now on!!

Go library nerds!