Friday, January 16, 2009

Five For Friday

I know people, I haven't blogged since Monday. Reason? Well, one reason is that Aaron is around a whole lot more. Last year from August to December he was working 40+ hours a week and taking 12 hours at Lamar. Two days a week he would go to school from 8 to 12:30, then work from 1 to 8, then most days he had a project or speech or test to study for. He was extremely busy. We didn't watch much tv together either, his study time was at night after the boys had gone to bed. While Aaron was studying, I filled the time with reading, blogging, or sleeping. This semester he is working 0 hours and taking 16 hours at Lamar. He is still in his first week and he hasn't had a lot of school work or studying to do. So this week we have actually been watching tv together (is that a good thing?). Our nights have been filled with American Idol, 24, Lost, and The Office.

So I will give you five posts in one today to make up for my lack of posts this week.

1. 24 I am loving 24 this season. I was so upset about Tony being bad. Tony is one of my favorite characters on 24. Then wonderful news- he is working undercover and is not bad. Then not-so-good news, he had been working against the American government for the past three years. I am excited about this season with Jack, Tony, Chloe, and Bill.

2. Lego Death Star The Lego Death Star costs $399 and has 3803 pieces. Caleb has been wanting this since he saw it in the Lego catalog. We keep telling him it is too expensive. The other day Caleb said to me, "Mom since Daddy is getting all of that money you guys can buy me the Death Star." I was confused. Then Caleb said, "Mom, I know about the 41 K, I heard you and Dad talking about his 41 K and I know that 41 K is $41,000. So you have enough money to buy me the Death Star." Caleb heard Aaron and I discussing his 401K and what we are going to do with the money in his 401K. I explained to Caleb what a 401K is and how it is for Dad's retirement when his is old. Caleb asked if it is for a retirement home, and I said well maybe. Then Caleb said, "I don't want Dad to move into a retirement home, I want him to stay living here with us." Um, does that mean Caleb considers Aaron old now?

3. Webkinzs/ Kookeys Aunt Julie bought Caleb a new Webkinz from Cracker Barrel. We tried to register his cat at Grannie's house but he couldn't remember his login and password. He gave me the tag with the secret code and asked me to hold onto it until we got home. We got home and I put the tag with the secret code next to the computer on the counter. Well this week he was ready to register his cat. We went to enter his secret code and we couldn't find it anywhere. We searched the house everywhere, no tag anywhere. Then he remembered that at the Trunk-or-Treat we went to they gave all of the kids a Kookey. A Kookey is like a Webkinz. So he decided to register his Kookey that we have had sitting in the closet since Oct. 31st. No offense to the Kookey company, but they just don't measure up to Webkinzs.

3. Super Fudge While in Dallas Camryn introduced Caleb to Superfudge. I have never read the Fudge books, but Camryn and Caleb can't seem to get enough of them.
The Fudge Books are:
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great
Double Fudge.

Caleb checked out 4 out 5 of the Fudge books from the library last week and has read them all. I guess they are good.
5. Chicken Taquitos Caleb and Luke were eating chicken taquitos for lunch the other day. Luke said, "Can I please have some more tuxedos?" Then Caleb said, "Luke it's not tuxedos, it is tarketoes."

Have a wonderful Friday!

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Tim Gabbard said...

I'm glad you blogged! 41K was so funny!