Saturday, January 31, 2009

Caleb's Book Report

Caleb's Literature teacher at Co-op (oh, that's me) assigned each of the students a different Beverly Cleary book to read and do a book report on. My super education supplier gave me the book report posters for the class to use. This Literature teacher asked each of the students to prepare a presentation for the class on the book they read. Caleb decided to build a scene from the book out of Legos. In the book Ramona scribbles on every page of a library book that Beezus, her older sister, checked out for her. They have to take it back to the library and pay for the book.

(Luckily Caleb had exactly three girl Lego mini figures. Beezus is played by Agent Trace, Ramona by Princess Lea, and the librarian by the bad lady from Indiana Jones.)

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Grannie said...

Caleb it was so good to talk to you! I LOVE YOUR PROJECTS!! I especially love the lego project..too cool!

Lukie good to talk to you little guys..

Love ya!