Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Nutcracker

On Friday, the boys and I got to attend a school performance of The Nutcracker. (Tickets to the weekend shows were $10 and $15, we got to attend the school performance for $2.) Almost every year my mom would take me and my sister to see The Nutcracker. I always enjoyed it as a child. I think I appreciate it even more now as an adult. The performance we went to was beautiful. The boys most favorite part was the battle between the nutcracker and the mouse king. The Nutcracker is fast becoming one of our traditions. At first Caleb was not too excited to go, but afterwards he kept saying how great the show was.

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Grannie said...

Love it! You are the Queen of deals $2.00 what a deal! Me, Jlie and the girls went to a local performance...I thought it was one of the best...great costumes, great dances cute kids...great seats, great company.....Nutcracker so glad the boys enjoy remember we did get Joe and Tim to go a few times too