Thursday, December 4, 2008

It got cold!

Over the weekend it got cold enough at night for us to have a fire. The boys, and their parents, are always so excited to get a fire going. My mom and dad when they came to see us, helped gather and chop some wood, so we have a nice collection of firewood. A friend from their church gave us a huge supply of fire starters. We are all set for the cold!

After a few pictures the boys got silly. :)


Holly Young said...

It's been in the 30's all this week during the day here in Ohio. We had a warmer day for us yesterday when it reached 50. The rest of this week the high is in the 30's. Yea winter!!

Grannie said...

Cozy!! The firewood was 'delivered' just in time. We will have to get more 'delivered'. Tell everyone I said hello