Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love Christmas! :)

I love celebrating Christmas with these two special boys! :)

I love finding super deals! :) Aaron and I had decided not to exchange presents unless we had extra money. Well I had a little bit of money to work with. Aaron needed a wallet and backpack. The backpack he has been using for school is a free one his company gave to him and it was starting to fall apart. I went to Kohl's tonight and found one backpack in the entire store. The tag on it said $50. I knew it had to be on sale a little bit. I walked over to the scanner and I was praying, "God please help me get a good deal on this backpack." It scanned for only $5. I couldn't believe it! It is a Nike Air backpack. The straps have special air pockets to give your shoulders support. I found a nice wallet for him for $15. So two nice gifts (and he needed them both) for $20.

I love receiving yummy gifts! :) One of the families at Co-op gave me Cocoa Chips. What are Cocoa Chips? Milk chocolate covered potato chips. You would not think these would be good, but they are delicious!

I love my new comforter! :) My mother-in-law gave me money for Christmas and she wanted to give it to me early to catch the sales. I found this comforter set at Target that I love! We call it our luxury bed. My grandmother also gave me money for Christmas and with it I bought a microfiber sheet set, which is so soft and warm. (Also from Target, on clearance.)

I love this picture! :) Luke's preschool class dressed up and took pictures. None of them look too excited to be doing this, but it is still cute. Luke was Joseph. When I took a picture of it the flash made a light right where baby Jesus is. Jesus is the light of the world, right?

I love Christmas decorations! :) Here are a few of our decorations.

I love this carousel! :) I was thrift shopping with my Mom and sister, one of our favorite activities, and we found this carousel. It works and plays Christmas music. My mom got it for me, I don't think she paid more than $10 for it. I think the carousel is really neat, but also it makes me think of special times with Julie and Mom.

The boys like to put their Lego guys on for a spin.

In case you have not noticed, I also like to use smiley faces. :) :) :)


Holly Young said...

What a great find for the backpack!! Your house looks so pretty. I love Christmas decorations too!! Hope you have the best Christmas ever!! Your boys are so precious!!

Grannie said...

Yes i REMEMBER THE Carousel (me and Dad both could not spell it) the store we got it. We have certainly snagged some tremendous deals at our shopping sprees. BUT you Lu what a beautfiul bed set! You did good! Enjoy!