Friday, December 5, 2008

Counting Down to Christmas

This is a fun way to countdown to Christmas. Each day has a fun activity written on the back of the paper. The fun thing for the 3rd was go to the library and check out Christmas books. On the other days we have things like: go to the Christmas parade, make Christmas cookies, and drive around and look at Christmas lights. Most activities are free or close to it. I have one day that is: do whatever the boys want. We'll see what happens that day. I got this idea from Monica at The Homespun Heart.

Then we also made a paper chain with 25 chains. Each morning we take one off. Right now our chain is long. Luke can't wait for it to get shorter. Luke looks at the chain all the time. I let Luke pick out the colors for the chain. His favorite color is blue so we have a lot of blue on our chain.

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Grannie said...

What great ideas!You continue to amaze me with neatest little ideas you come up with to celebrate life!

Also, I love bread pudding! I'm printing of the recipe now. The problem is you dad won't eat it and I can see myself 'eating the whole thing'!