Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Books

The following books are some of mine and the boys favorite Christmas books. They really are the boys favorites. I just enjoy reading them too!

Christmas by: Peter Spier is a delightful book. It has no words only pictures. The pictures depict a family's Christmas. After looking at this book, you will understand why I would like my Christmas to look like this.

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree by: Robert Barry. This is an old book originally published in 1963. The boys want to read this one over and over again. Mr. Willowby trims the top of his Christmas tree and you won't believe what happens to the part that he trimmed off.

Stephen's Feast by: Jean Richardson. This book is based on the Christmas carol, King Wenceslas. A young boy accompanies the king on a mission of goodwill. Such a wonderful story.

Look-Alikes Christmas by: Joan Steiner. The more you look, the more you see! The author uses everyday objects to make Christmas scenes. The boys want to look at this book just about every day.

A Houseful of Christmas by: Barbara Joosse. Granny has a full house for Christmas. This story is coming to real life soon. :)

Room for a Little One, A Christmas Tale by: Martin Waddell. Lukey loves this book with all of the animals. The little one is baby Jesus.

Away in a Manger by: Thomas Kinkade. This book is filled with illustrations of the first Christmas and Christmas in present time. All to the words of Away in a Manger.

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