Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanksgiving Books

Some of our favorite Thanksgiving books:

Fat Chance Thanksgiving by: Patricia Lakin
A girl wants to have a big Thanksgiving feast, but her mom says there is a fat chance of that happening.

This is the Turkey by: Abby Levine
This book will bring a smile to your face.

Franklin's Thanksgiving by: Paulette Bourgeois
Franklin's grandparents can't make it to his house for Thanksgiving, and he thinks he will not have any guests. But Franklin is in for a surprise on Thanksgiving.

Arthur's Thanksgiving by: Marc Brown
Arthur's class is putting on a Thanksgiving play and no one wants to be the turkey. What will Arthur do?
Molly's Pilgrim by: Barbara Cohen
As Molly nears her first Thanksgiving in America, she doesn't find much to be thankful for. But Molly soon gets help in finding a place for herself in America.

How Many Days to America? A Thanksgiving Story by: Eve Bunting
A story about a family who is forced to flee their home, and when they arrive in America it is Thanksgiving.

The Squirrels' Thanksgiving by: Steven Kroll
This is one of our favorites. The squirrel family spends Thanksgiving with their aunt and uncle and cousins. When the cousins misbehave it almost ruins Thanksgiving.

Oh, What a Thanksgiving! by: Steven Kroll
We either got this book from Mom or from a garage sale. It is from 1988 and may be hard to find. We love it.
A boy is disappointed in his Thanksgiving and thinks it would have been much more exciting to be at the first Thanksgiving.

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Grannie said...

I LOVE THANKSGIVING as you know. I love the theme...giving THANKS to God and I love the colors and the wonderful food. Thanks for sharing some of the wonderful books...love it...