Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saving money on Groceries

I am really trying to save money on groceries. The next year will be a challenging time for us and I have a goal to spend $150 a week on food, including groceries and eating out. I am not making it yet. Money Saving Mom spends only $40 a week on groceries for a family of four! I don't know how she does it, but I am trying to get there.

Here are some ways I am saving money:

1. Use Coupons. Kroger triples coupons up to .39 and doubles coupons up to .50. You may think this is not a big deal, but if you use coupons it adds up.

2. Sign up for E-coupons. I love these! Two sites and offer e-coupons. You register your Kroger card and then load coupons to your card. Then when you purchase one of the items it comes off of the order and shows up on your receipt. And if you have a paper coupon you can use an e-coupon with it.

For example: has an e-coupon for $.50 off of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. There was a coupon in Sunday's paper for $.35 off of Crescent Rolls. At my Kroger, Crescent Rolls were on sale for $1.50. With the triple coupon and the e-coupon, I made $.05 off of those Crescent Rolls.

There are even e-coupons for Kroger meat. I got a pound of Kroger ground beef for $.75, by using an e-coupon for it.

It is worth the time to sign up for e-coupons.

3. Make a meal plan. I do so much better when I have our meals all planned out. I keep my meal plan out on the counter. It is wonderful to already know in the morning what I will be cooking for dinner. I look at my Kroger ad and plan my meals around what is on sale. I used to just go to the store whenever I had a chance, without looking at the sale paper, and I didn't keep up with my coupons and basically threw money away.

4. Have a stockpile. I am trying to buy extra food when it is on sale and freeze it. Kroger a lot of times will put chicken breasts, pork chops, or even steak on sale but it is usually in the family pack size. I can usually divide the family pack up into two meals.

5. No wasting. This is the hard one for me. I am trying to waste no food. What does this mean? I am trying to not throw any food away in the garbage that we could have eaten. We save all leftovers and try to eat it up. I am trying to watch what fresh fruits and vegetables I have on hand and make sure I use or freeze them before they spoil. I am even saving the leftover veggies from our dinners to try and make a vegetable soup at the end of the week. I have a lot room to grow on this one.

6. Use the crockpot. Every Monday I have been using the crockpot. On Mondays the boys and I are worn out from our day at Co-op and I never feel like cooking. It is such a good feeling to walk in our door and smell our yummy food. This helps us with the temptation to say, "What are we going to eat?" And the answer being Sonic.

7. Eating out once a week. I just can't cook on Fridays. Fridays just don't seem like Fridays if I cook. :) Friday is our eating out day and we are trying to limit our eating out to only that night.

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Holly Young said...

I need lots of help on this subject. Thanks for the tips. They will really come in handy. I have the hardest time scheduling meals ahead of time. And your crock pot idea- great. My crazy night is Tuesdays, because I don't get home until around 5pm and Tori has Gymnastics and 6pm. So dinner is always hard that night. If I would do a crock pot night, every Tuesday, it would work out much better, and we wouldn't be eating a frozen pizza every Tuesday night! Thanks again for the tips!!!